Preliminary auditions will consist of performing a short monologue. 

Callbacks will consist of reading from the script, theatre/movement exercises, and possible improvisation work. Those actors who play a musical instrument and/or sing may also be asked to briefly demonstrate that skill.


Skillfully crafted by contemporary U.S. playwright Sarah Ruhl, Orlando is a delightful, lyrical, and highly theatrical adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s 1928 novel. Blessed with shapely legs and a romantic soul, Orlando is a young British nobleman and aspiring poet who catches the eye of the aging Queen Elizabeth I. For a time, life at court is interesting enough, but Orlando soon yearns for something more. In an epic journey that spans five centuries, his travels keep him at the heart of a dazzling tale where gender and gender preferences shift regularly, usually with hilarious results. Based on the book once described as the “most charming love letter in literature,” this dramatic fantasy shines as a timely exploration of love, art, gender, and identity.


Cast size:  Approximately 10 actors*

We are looking for a talented, adventurous, and supportive company of actors for this exciting piece. This will be a collaborative and fast-paced rehearsal process, in which we will be bringing the play’s rich imagery, wonderful characters, and time-traveling world to life through both language and movement. 

All the play’s roles provide intriguing artistic and educational opportunities. The roles of The Chorus require versatile actors who can play multiple characters and memorize a substantial amount of lines, as they handle much of the play’s narration and will be on stage a lot. Actors of all racial/ethnic backgrounds, all shapes and sizes, diverse abilities and disabilities, and all gender expressions are strongly encouraged to audition.


Orlando**:  A passionate would-be poet who ages over the course of the play from 16 to 36 and transforms from a man to a woman. This very demanding role is on stage for most of the play, with a substantial amount of lines. Requires ability to learn Trans Atlantic dialect and/or British dialect (probably ES); also has multiple moments of staged intimacy in the script.  [Cis or trans woman, non-binary AFAB]

Chorus & Sasha – A Russian Princess**: Good mover (skating experience helpful – such as inline, roller, ice, skateboarding, scooter, etc.), seductive, mysterious, can learn a Russian accent.  Actor will also be a member of the Chorus.  [Cis or trans woman, non-binary AFAB]

Chorus & Queen Elizabeth I**: Imperious, elegant, good with language, can learn a British dialect (RP). Actor will also be a member of the Chorus. [Any gender]

Chorus & Marmaduke**: Soulful, dashing, somewhat heroic, can learn a British dialect (RP). Actor will also be a member of the Chorus. [Any gender]

Chorus & Archduchess/Archduke**: Preferably tall, comic timing, versatile, can learn a Romanian accent (RP). Actor will also be a member of the Chorus. [Cis or trans man, non-binary AMAB]

Additional Chorus Roles: Each additional Chorus actor will play a variety of smaller characters in the play, as well as helping to bring the play to life through narration and movement. What we’re looking for - versatile character work, good with language, creative movement, collaborative, open to gender fluidity, able to learn different character voices and/or dialects.  [Any gender]

*1-3 understudies may be cast separately or from the ensemble

** This role has one or more moments of staged intimacy in the script, such as a kiss, hug, and/or caress. Such moments will be discussed with actors in advance of casting. All moments of staged intimate contact will be led in rehearsals by a consultant trained in staging intimacy.


Rehearsals begin: Tuesday, January 23, 2024

We are planning to rehearse Tuesday-Friday nights and Sunday evenings, with two Saturday night rehearsals close to opening night.

Performances: 9 performances over two weekends, March 1-10, to be performed in the Chong Studio Theatre located in Burbank Auditorium.

Performance dates: March 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9 - evenings / March 3, 9, 10 - matinees


Preliminary auditions will consist of performing a short monologue from a play. The monologue must be memorized and under 90 seconds in length.  Monologues may be from a contemporary or classical play (such as Shakespeare).

Also, be prepared to talk briefly with the director after presenting your material.

What's a monologue? What if I don't have a prepared monologue?

Scroll to the bottom of the main audition page to find the answers to these good questions. If you have never auditioned for us before, please use the monologues at the bottom of that page. 

How to Audition and General Information

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