SRJC Theatre Arts production



Welcome Home, Jenny Sutter

Directed by Wendy Wisely


Stephen Sondheim's Into the Woods

Directed by Laura Downing-Lee

Vocal Direction by Jody Benecke

Choreography by Tamara Grose

Music Director Justin Pyne


Friday, January 19 and Saturday, January 20, 2018 at 5:30 PM.

Choose EITHER the Friday OR Saturday audition slot; you only need to come to one.

You may audition for one or both shows.

Registration begins in the Santa Rosa Campus Lark Temps at 5:30 PM and is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration involves completing 2-4 forms so allow yourself enough time to do so. Auditions begin 30 minutes later.

Callbacks - Sunday, January 21, 2018 at 1:00 PM.  Santa Rosa Campus Lark Temps

Actors being called back may be called back for all of the audition period or only a portion.


Want to audition but your schedule conflicts because you are currently in performances for another show?

Please contact the directors Wendy Wisely at and Laura Downing-Lee using the subject line “Special Audition Request.”


  • See the detailed instructions below for what to prepare and bring for the each show's specific auditions.
  • Bring a headshot and resume if you have them; however, they are not required. If you do not have a headshot, a small photo would be helpful (but we won't be able to return it).
  • Bring your calendars. Our rehearsal time is VERY limited and only the conflicts presented at auditions will be accepted.


LARK PORTABLES (on Scholars Way, between the tennis courts and the baseball diamond)

Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa Campus

1501 Mendocino Avenue Santa Rosa, CA 95401

If you don't have a current SRJC parking pass, single usage parking permits ($4.00) can be purchased at a grey kiosk (cash or card) located as you enter the lot. Permits are required 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 

Questions & Resources

  • What's a monologue?: A monologue is a speech from a play where one character speaks for an extended period of time to another character, him/herself, or the audience. Actors are asked not to select a monologue from the play for which they are auditioning.
  • What if I don't have a prepared monologue?: Not to worry. If you've never done this before OR found out about auditions at the last minute, just pick up the Optional Monologue (male or female) from the envelopes on this board. Do not worry about reading the play the monologue is from at this late date. However, if you can find it, reading it helps.

Audition Criteria


by Julie Marie Myatt

Cast size: Two full casts of 6  (12 actors total). Actors of color are strongly encouraged to audition for all roles.

Ages: 18 and up

What to Prepare 

Please prepare a 1-minute contemporary dramatic or comic monologue. Callbacks will consist of reading from the script and could also involve improvisation. If you do not have a prepared monologue, you may use of the 'generic' monologues linked at the bottom of this page under "GENERAL AUDITION RESOURCES."

Rehearsals start Tuesday Jan. 23, 2018

Performances March 9-18, 2018

Show Description: please see "Current Season"

Character Breakdown: 

Actors of color are strongly encouraged to audition for all roles.

JENNY SUTTER : A wounded warrior -A returning Marine from Iraq,  She has an amputated leg and is reluctant to return to her children because of it.  

HUGO - Bored Bus Station attendant who has a fascination for fire and wants to know Jenny’s story. 

LOUISE (LOU) - Female. Lively (slightly manic), former addict, who befriends Jenny and guides her to Slab City. 

CHERYL - Former hairdresser from Hemet  now the Slab City shrink.

BUDDY - Former lover of Lou, acts as Slab City spiritual leader of sorts.  He has physical disability that affects his upper body/posture - arm placement.

DONALD - Slab City malcontent, cynic, and over-all hater of the world and people.


Audition Criteria for

INTO THE WOODS          
Book by James Lapine
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim

Preliminary auditions for INTO THE WOODS will consist of a singing audition. While singing, performers will also be evaluated on their acting choices.
Actors selected for Callbacks on Sunday will sing songs from the show and may do a dance audition.
Getting Ready for the Audition (see Singing and Dance preparation below): Familiarize yourself with the show

Show Details

American musical theatre genius Stephen Sondheim weaves a basketful of beloved fairytales into a theatrical adventure that is both hilarious and heartbreaking.  Told in two enchanting acts, this enlightening fable (perfect for “grown-up” kids and grownups who are young at heart) goes past the point of answered wishes and “happily ever after” to find out what really happens next when the stories end.  Come wander the woods, accompanied by a dazzling score with unforgettable songs such as “Giants in the Sky”, “Agony”, and “Children Will Listen.”
Cast Size

Flexible. 18 roles. While age-appropriate actors will be considered, we will also consider younger actors for older roles and vice versa. Actors of color are strongly encouraged to audition for all roles.
Character Breakdown: Role Descriptions and Casting Requirements



Cast orientation is Thursday, January 25 at 6:30 pm. Rehearsals will begin January 30. Although subject to change, the anticipated schedule is Tuesday-Friday evenings and Sunday evenings.

General Questions

Do I need to sing at the audition to be cast? Yes. Every character in this production may sing at some point so we need to hear you sing. Don't worry; just give it a try. It's a great learning experience and can be a lot of fun too!

Vocal Audition Requirements


While we encourage all interested individuals to audition, please know that the music for Into the Woods is quite demanding to learn and perform.  Therefore, all cast members in this production must be capable singers and ideally should have experience in choral singing in 4 parts. Cast members are expected to be able to read and learn the vocal parts from the vocal score.

•    What to Prepare, Part 1:  Please prepare 30 – 60 seconds of singing (do not use a long piano introduction) from the standard Broadway musical repertoire (with one exception – see next bullet).  Your audition piece should demonstrate your singing ability and allow you to play a character; remember we want to see you act while singing. Choose music that is similar to the show’s style.

•    What to Prepare, Part 2:  Time yourself!  Make sure your audition piece is within the time limit listed above so that you can be sure that you present the best part of the song before your time is up.

•    What to Bring (VERY Important): Please bring sheet music with you for the audition pianist. The sheet music must be in the correct key for your voice.  You will not be able to sing unaccompanied (“a capella”).

•    What to Wear for the Singing Portion of the Audition: Audition attire (similar to interview attire).


Singing Audition Questions & Resources

•  Can you give me some suggestions of a good song to prepare?  Sure!  Here is a short list of suggested vocal selections that you can find and prepare. Make sure to learn the song in the correct key for your voice and bring the appropriate sheet music to the audition.

Suggested Pieces for Women:

Soprano: Green Finch and Linnet Bird (Sweeney Todd) or Glitter and Be Gay (Candide), etc.

Mezzo:  You’ll Never Walk Alone (Carousel) or Climb Every Mountain (The Sound of Music), etc.

Suggested Pieces for Men:

Tenor:  Maria (West Side Story) or O sole mio (Italian song) or a Josh Groban song, etc.

Baritone/Bass: The Impossible Dream (Man of La Mancha) or If Ever I Would Leave You (Camelot), etc.



Here are four resources to consider:

1.  Try the library.  The Doyle library does contain some musical theatre and opera scores, as does the SSU library and some public libraries.

2.  Try one of the great music stores in town.

3.  Try an online sheet music website.

4.  Try the Music Department - While their staff time is limited, they have a large collection of musical theatre and opera vocal music. After December 22, you may call 527-4249 and ask when is a good time to come by and look at materials.



What to Prepare: You do not have to prepare choreography ahead of time; you will be taught choreography at the callback. There will be no group warm-up, so warming up just before your dance audition is recommended.

What to Wear for a Dance Audition: Please wear non-restrictive attire in which you can move, such as exercise/workout attire. Street clothes (skirts, dresses, tailored pants, or tight-fitting jeans) are not appropriate for a dance audition unless specifically requested.

Women: Clothing - Wear flexible, form fitting clothing that allows choreographer to see your body shape, but avoid restrictive or revealing clothes. If you have a long, full or 1/2 circle rehearsal skirt, please wear that. Footwear** -1st choice: Character shoes preferred; 2nd choice: any type of enclosed dance shoe (ballet slipper, jazz shoes, etc.); 3rd choice: Light weight tennis shoes. Hair - Long hair should be tied back. All hair should be off the face (clips or head band).

Men: Clothing - Wear dance attire or athletic clothing that allows you to move freely (e.g. a form fitting t-shirt; ballroom dance pants or full length athletic pants). Footwear** - 1st choice: Ballroom or jazz shoes preferred; 2nd choice: Any type of dance shoe; 3rd choice: Sneakers/lightweight tennis shoes (but avoid heavy tread). Hair - Long hair should be tied back. All hair should be off the face (clips or head band).
**For safety reasons on stage, you will not be allowed to audition bare-footed, or in socks, sandals, flip flops, foot thongs, ultra high heels or other hazardous footwear.




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LOCATION Lark Temporaries, Santa Rosa Campus

Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa Campus

1501 Mendocino Avenue Santa Rosa, CA 95401


If you don't have a current SRJC parking pass, single usage parking permits ($4.00) can be purchased at a grey kiosk (cash or card) located as you enter the lot. Permits are required 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.